How Metaverse Miner, the First Interstellar-Theme Game, Play to Earn

Cracking the Top 10 GameFi projects volume list since March, play-to-earn platform Metaverse Miner is now the first major space-themed metaverse project on the blockchain thanks to Gameplay and Tokenomics

However, despite its innovative gameplay and novel concept, Metaverse Miner saw a significant drop in trading volume and the price of its token, META, since its peak in November. 

In this article, we’ll explain Metaverse Miner’s unique features and competitive advantages, plus some drawbacks, so you can assess its potential for the near future (and in galaxies far, far away).

Data Overview of Metaverse Miner

According to the latest data from Footprint Analytics, Metaverse Miner currently sits in fifth place among GameFi projects in terms of trading volume, with a substantiation gap with DeFi Kingdoms and Axie Infinity.


Footprint Analytics – Top 10 Games by Trading Volume

Compared to March 2021 when it first launched, Metaverse Miner’s trading volume started to rise from Sep. 2021, at around $70 million, and peaked at $140 million in November. This was due to the game’s innovative gameplay, the integration of multiple play modes to attract players, and the metaverse boom at the time.

Footprint Analytics – Metaverse Miner Monthly Trading Volume


Footprint Analytics – Metaverse Miner Transactions Number vs Users Number

6 Ways to Play Metaverse Miner

The Metaverse Miner ecosystem is built on three assets: META tokens, Planet NFTs and Miner NFTs. There are 6 main ways to play.

Become a Star Master

Players can become a Star Master (basically, an intergalactic landlord) by participating in the planet’s NFT auction, and gaining ownership of an entire planet. A Star Master can enjoy most of the proceeds from the land.To keep running these proceeds, the players need to invite more users to participate.

Become a Star Lord

Instead of being a Star Master, players can participate in the game or to own a miner NFT (“miner”) using USDT to buy from the planet NFT, and become a Star Lord. A Star Lord can mine the planet with considerable earnings.

“Energy Value” is required when mining 

Energy value is like the cost of electricity needed for mining, which can be charged using USDT.

Collecting energy by staking a miner NFT

Players can stake the miner NFT to obtain “energy” in the form of META, of which the Star Master owns 5% and the miner NFT owns 95%.

Leasing a Star Master’s mines for revenue 

Players can earn a portion of the planet NFT holder’s earnings by paying rent and owning the right to use the Star Master’s mines.

Become a Collector

Miner NFTs come in a variety of forms and incorporate effects such as 3D and AR to meet the needs of different players’ collections.